The joy of the Lord is my strength!

Neh 8:10

Praise be unto you Oh Lord! You deserve all the glory and all the honor! Your faithfulness is unshakable and unwavering! Praise be unto You Lord Jesus. Through You I am renewed each day! Thank you Holy Spirit for Your gift of discernment. I pray that Your presence continues to increase in my life and that my response to You shall always be Yea and Amen! Glory to God in the Highest! He is worthy to be praised!

Thank You Lord for my victory over my enemies. Psalm 23

Thank You Lord for Your Mercy. 1 Cor 10:13

Thank You Lord for Your Promise. Deu 20:1-4

His Mercies are new every morning!


In it to win it!

Do you go into battle already defeated? Are you facing an adversary who fills you with fear? Does the potential outcome of a confrontation make you want to cut and run?

This is the wrong attitude! God has your back!

Fear not sayeth The Lord!

Be not afraid!

I am with you!

Everybody knows that attitude is everything.   A soldier trains for months, sometimes even years, to complete a mission. Day in and day out he or she practices a skill that when employed in battle, becomes essential to victory. That skill is the ability to rely on his or her training and remain calm in the face of imminent death or bodily harm. That skill is confidence. A confident soldier, not a cocky one, is a worthy adversary. A confident soldier trusts that his teammates will perform under pressure and not run, he trusts that his chain of command will do all that it can to protect his team so that they can complete their mission, he trusts that if he were to get wounded, other equally brave soldiers, airmen and marines will move hell or high water to extract him from the combat zone and provide him the best medical care in the world. Sadly, a confident soldier also trusts that if he were to be killed in action, his fellow warriors would work hard to remove his fallen body from the battlefield and return it to his loved ones for a decent burial. This is the attitude of the well trained soldier: Trust in the powers that be and follow orders, trust in their compatriots ability to stick to the mission and not give up, trust that they will be well cared for if they fall. A soldier like that is effective on the battlefield.

Just as it is in the world, the battlefield of the spirit requires the same attitudes. A spiritual warrior must have faith in God and His will regarding an upcoming battle. A spiritual warrior must have faith in his or her fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. That they have the training needed to complete the mission at hand and that they are as committed as he is to it. A spiritual warrior must know that he will have the prayers and support of his or her congregation and that if he or she were to fall (sin), that his brothers and sisters in Christ will close ranks and provide him/her with the aid necessary to get back up and keep on fighting. A confident spiritual warrior also knows that the battle is already won and that the gift of eternal life awaits.

Don’t enter into battle unprepared. Train your spirit through reading God’s word, through fervent prayer, through communion and fellowship with your brothers and sisters in Christ, but most importantly, know in your heart that God has a plan for you.

Trust in God and lean not on your own understanding.

Don’t hide your light. Identifying our spiritual gifts.

1 Peter 4:10-11

Matthew 5:14-16

We all are good at something. Each and every one of us has some special thing that we like to do and we do it well. Some of us are good at many things and some are good at a few but if we are honest with ourselves I’m sure that we can all identify at least one thing that we are good at. Artists, writers, scientists, singers etc… all have talents that are gifts from God.  Highly skilled tradesmen, craftsmen,  etc…also have talents that are gifts but these have come through years of training and practice in their field.

Romans 12:6-8

Spiritual gifts also come in many forms. Some people are born with them, others are bestowed them by the laying on of hands. All are given to glorify the Lord. A good example is singing. Some people are born singers with great voices and pitch. Others are taught to sing but love it so much that they excel after years of practice. Sometimes it’s a combination of both.

1 Corinthians 12:8-10

Some singers use their voice to become famous and sing songs which the world likes. Sexually themed or provocative songs which glorify the body and lead people to move in the flesh do not glorify God but they can make the singer rich in material wealth. Other singers use their voice as a form of worship and evangelism. Many have been led to Christ through praise and worship. Just as we can usher in the Holy spirit through fervent prayer, a heartfelt song of worship can do the same thing. Songs that glorify the Lord and lift up the spirit lead people to move in the spirit and bring them closer to Christ. These singers may be poor in material wealth but they may be actually richer in spiritual wealth than secular singers because they have dedicated themselves to using their gift to serve the Lord. Matthew 6:19-21

If you use your gifts for the glory of God then you are moving in your spiritual gift. If you use your gift to glorify yourself without acknowledging the source of your gift or talent as the Lord most high, then you are not moving in your spiritual gift but are moving in the flesh.  The flesh is mortal and finite but the spirit is immortal and infinite.

Luke 16:19-31

I’m writing this post in order to continue to move in my spiritual gifts. I pray in Jesus’ name that you find your God given gifts and talents and that you choose to use them to further glorify God and bring the lost to Christ. Amen.